Sugarbox v0.24

Hello there,

A new version of Sugarbox is finally ready !

Basically, tape support is better, and full screen is added, with DirectX9 support.

If you own one of this cool 100hz monitor, dont forget to turn refresh rate to 100hz, and enjoy a new way of smoothness !

Here is what’s new :

- [FDC] : Read track handle correctly TC (Hercule, and ESAT software works again)
- [FDC] : Side changing is now correct : Game with only one side no longer crash if they try to access a second side (Dragon of flame)
- [FDC] : Fixed a bug if a sector CHRN is almost ok, when a read sector command is issued (Wild Street is now ok)
- [FDC] : FDC is more robust : Trying to load a random file as RAW will fail without a crash (hopefully)
- [TAPE] : RECORD function added
- [TAPE] : Added length of tape
- [TAPE] : Lot’s of rework on the WAV support : Now load more files, including « Skate Crazy », « Basil », « Footballer of the year II » without the « reverse polarity » trick.
It mainly try to reproduce what’s actually in the CPC : Filters, gains, and so on.
- [TAPE] : User can now set the Tape position at wanted position (by clicking on the counter status bar). Also, a shortcut is added to set tape to wanted block, or last ejection position
- [General] : Added file extension if needed, when saving file (for CDT, CSW, WAV, DSK, SCP, SNA files)
- [General] : Fixed a memory leak (which should have no impact on standard use)
- [Memory] : 464 has now no PAL
- [Display] : Full screen is now available for Direct X 9 display. Also, a smart sync has been added, to sync the display @50hz with 100hz display
- [DirectX9 display] : For people who want smooth display, it’s possible to sync Sugarbox with your monitor. Display is smooth, but whole emulation speed is affected as well (typical 60 hz monitor will run at 120%)
- [DirectX9 display] : For lucky people with 100hz monitor, an option has been added, to insert a black frame between two frame. Whole speed is exactly 50hz, and display is really smooth.

Here it is :


As always, if you encounter any trouble (or have any suggestion), feel free to drop me a line (please, include your whole config and a screenshot if you can, for any display troubles)

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4 réponses à Sugarbox v0.24

  1. JerryQuest dit :

    Great! Full screen support is a nice feature.

  2. Jammet dit :

    Oh man, I love your emulator! I haven’t heard the TAPE Bleeploader music of BOOTY in over 15 years. ALL other emulators don’t play it all. With yours it’s there!! It’s kinda messed up, but even so, it’s *actually* there! I hope it can still be made to sound like it should, but boy I am excited someone *finally* figured this stuff out!

  3. Bladeforce dit :

    Any chance of a Linux version?

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