Sugarbox v0.19

NOTE : For copyright reasons, this version is no longer available….

What’s new on this release (mainly focused on the FDC) :

- FDC rewritten from scratch. It support now bitstream format, such as Kryoflux RAW or Supercard Pro. Paradigm is also improved to support MFM format (dsk files are re-converted into MFM format). This will offer a true support for complex disk and protection format. For example, overlap protection (« Reussir ») is passed with scp or kryoflux disks.
- EDSK handling also rewritten from scratch. It add a new interpolation, to rebuild the original MFM track. Overlap and iterlaced sector are handled.
- IPF and CT-RAW files supported through the CAPSLib 5.1 (included )
- Current disk can be saved as SuperCard Pro file
- LED colors can be configured through config file
- Insert blank disk DATA / VENDOR added
- Scanlines are enabled if ‘=1′ in the Sugarbox.ini (more logical !)
- B drive support
- Current sector display added
- « About » updated (at last !)
- F3 = toggle 100% / MAX
- Fix a little bug in sound bar, that prevent putting it near 0
- Now working (this is not a complete list !) :

  •   »The demo » music loader
  •  Unique Megademo
  •   »Reussir »… disks (as EDSK with overlapped sector, or SCP, or Kryoflux…)


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