Sugarbox v0.23

After a long time, a new version is available !


So, what’s new ?

  • [TAPE] : Tape support : CDT/WAV/VOC/CSW(v1.1 & v2.0, with or without Z-RLE encoding) files are supported
  • [TAPE] : Possibility to save Tape as WAV, CDT (with only DRB or CSW blocks), CSW (v1.1 or 2.0 compressed). Preliminary, maybe unexpected results can occurs !
  • [FDC] : Head is no longer forced to track 0 when a disk is ejcted. This fix a bug in disk swapping for Targhan.
  • [FDC] : Track delay time added. This fixed a weird protection scheme on Daley Thompson Olymic Challenge
  • [FDC] : The US1 FDC bit is no longer wired. This fixed « Sphaira » original game.
  • [FDC] : When « Read id » is performed on a not formatted track, the track was incorrect in the result. This is now fixed, fixing « Return of the jedi ».
  • [FDC] : Fixed a bug that only load up to 42 tracks per side for a disk. Now, 720k disk (with 82 tracks) can be loaded again correctly
  • [FDC] : Fixed a bug that prevent « motor » command to be taken in account
  • [FDC] : Fixed a bug related to BC bit in register 2, making « Starfox » game to work.
  • [GUI] : Added protection button for the disks
  • [FDC-eDSK] : Correctly save tracks that are not formatted
  • [FDC-DSK] : Close dsk file correctly.
  • [SHORTCUTS] : added ctrl+f9 -> Reset
  • ctrl+f1 : insert disk drive A:
  • ctrl+f2 : insert disk drive B:
  • [Gate array] : Fixed a bug that was displaying incorrect colors when using the ghost registers
  • [General] : On exit, if a disk has been modified without being saved, user is asked about it.
  • [General] : Fixed some rare crash that can occurs
  • [General] : A click on speed on status bar now toggle the emulation speed between « 100% » and « No speed limit »
  • [General] : Some architecture and code optimization, increasing overall emulation speed (about +25% speed)
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4 réponses à Sugarbox v0.23

  1. JerryQuest dit :

    Great to see a new version of Sugarbox! Ill try it out immediately.

  2. willy dit :

    « Hay un error con el teclado español pues no lo cambia, queda la distribucion del teclado frances, agradeceria si alguien le puede informar al autor en su idioma, gracias. »


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