Sugarbox v0.28

New release available !

Here are the files :

Here is the log :

- [Gate Array] : Fix mode changing : Imperial Mahjong now looks better !
- [Expansions] : Add support for the Playcity
- [Expansions] : Add support for the Multiface II cards.
- [Z80] : Complete recoding of the Z80 core. It now use the real M and T states, and handle WAIT states correctly. More accurate.
- [General] : ZIP support (only zip file at the moment) for tape and disks
- [IPF] : IPF created is striclty equivalent to the original dump (in term of MFM track)
- [IPF] : Minor fixes in IPF reading
- [DSK] : Fix some wrong behaviour. Dsk reading should be more reliable (and will no longer crash)
- [DSK] : Fix a bug in saving DSK file. It should no longer crash (anyway, if you can avoid using it, prefer HFE or IPF format !)
- [Emulation] : All peripherals are now running in the correct timings.
- [FDC] : Index detection fixed on Sector writing (Imperial Mahjong is able to save its configuration)
- [FDC] : Dump with missing tracks will no longer crash Sugarbox
- [FDC] : Fix wrong behaviour for double sided dumps that needs flipping of disk (fix altered beast double sided CTRaw)
- [FDC] : Fix wrong status than can set « Seek end » incorrectly in some cases

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