SugarConvDsk : 

Usage : SugarConvDsk source [destination] [-s=side] [-o=outputformat] [-r] [-f=filter]

  • -s=side : Select side of the disk to convert ( 1 or 2 ). If ommited, both are converted.
  • -o=outputformat : Select output format. Can take the following values :dsk, hfe, ipf, scp. Defaut output format will be IPF if not used.
  • source : The source file can be in the following format : SCP, RAW (kryoflux), DSK/EDSK, CT-RAW, HFE, IPF. If a directory is provided, every dumps in this directory will be converted.
  • destination : output file. If source file is a directory, destination is used as an output directory.
  • -r : Recursive. Used only if a directory is selected.
  • -f=filter : If the source file is a directory, set a filter for the files to convert.

Example : To convert every IPF format from directory c:\test\ recursively to c:\result, in SCP format , used :

SugarConvDsk c:\test c:\result -r -f=*.ipf -o=scp



System requirement :

To run Sugarbox, you need the following:

  • At least Windows XP with Direct X installed.  (install it from here if needed)
  • Tested successfully on Windows XP SP3 with 512 Mo RAM, but should need far less than this amount…

Installation of Sugarbox:

  • Download the file, then unzip it where you want. You just have to run « sugarbox.exe »

How to…

  • Insert a new disk :
    • Use the menu (Disk / Drive 1 / Insert)
    • Or drag’n'drop your DSK file to the emulator
    • Or left click on the drive status bar, to open a shortcut menu
  • Use snapshot :
    • Through the menu (with quick load/ quick save feature)
    • Or Drag’n’ drop SNA file to the emulator


  • A « missing XInput_xxx.dll » message is displayed : Your XInput installation is missing or incorrect. Try a Direct X reinstallation 
  • A particular Dsk crash the emulator : This is not intended. Please send me the fauty DSK, so I can investigate about it.


7 réponses à Help

  1. greatxerox dit :


    bug pénible avec sugarbox , voici une vidéo pour le montrer^^

    merci de me tenir informé^^

    • admin dit :

      Excellente manière d’indiquer les erreurs de fonctionnements !
      En réalité, la touche « back » est mappée sur « suppr » de ton clavier, pour une histoire de « rapprochement » avec le « vrai » clavier Amstrad.
      Je remets correctement dans la prochaine version (qui ne va plus tarder !)

  2. Rakki dit :

    Sugarbox v0.27 crashes in following cases:
    OS: Windows 7 64bit (English, UK)

    - Kryoflux RAW files are in same folder (disk side A and side B) -> Insert disk to Drive A -> Crash
    - Menu -> General Configuration -> select CP 6128 UK ROM -> Copy as… -> Give name « test », description « test » -> Crash


  3. Carnivius dit :

    Hello again,
    I was just wondering will ZIP support be included soon? :)

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