Sugarbox v0.27

A new version of Sugarbox is now available !

Here are the files :

SugarConvDsk is a little utility which offer disk dump conversion, between all the formats handled by Sugarbox ( so, from raw, scp, ct-raw, ipf, dsk, edsk, hfe, to scp, hfe, dsk, ipf)


Here is the comple log for Sugarbox :

- [Emulation] : Add some optimizations. MAX speed should be faster (about 100% gain from v0.26)
- [Emulation] : Remove memory leaks in IPF writing process
- [Config files] : Fix the ‘-’ and ‘_’ for french keyboard : « From scratch » now autorun properly.
- [Display] : Screenshots are fixed : No more unwanted black line at the top.
- [Dump support] : Fix the code used to compute multi revolution dump, to be more reliable (when a revolution is wrecked, dont use it)
- [FDC] : Lots of fix in the FDC : The ‘acid tests’ of arnoldEmu are almost all corrects now.
- [FDC] : Fix some bugs when reconstructing the tracks (fix some dump of « Le Necreomancien », and various CTRaw files also)
- [FDC] : The ‘Flip’ fonction (used to flip double sided dumps) is now working correctly. Double faces IPF are now working
- [FDC] : ’10′ bits used for bit synchronisation can be in a smaller number : 40 bits are enough to consider the PLL as correctly fixed between clock/data bits
- [General] : Fix a deadlock that occurs when a command is used during a dump disk is read
- [General] : Fix the autotype feature : the feature is more relevant. Also, the « | » character is correctly rtanslated to ‘ù’ on french keyboard.
- [General] : Add a function to recording every frame into a screenshot
- [General] : Autorun feature is a bit more reliable (more rules added)
- [General] : Added some command line switches : -sn xx (load xx as a Snapshot file), -drivea xx to set xx into drive A, -driveb (same for drive B)
-fullscreen to start in full screen mode, -config xx to load xx as config file, -command xx to run xx as basic command at start
- [GUI] : Fix the incorrect update of « Save as.. » menu when inserting a disk.
- [Multiface II] : Add preliminary support for Multiface II (no config yet)
- [PPI] : Rewrite most of the 8255 implementation. Now run the ‘acid test’ properly (when it have meanings)
- [PSG] : Correct lots of bugs (sound is now a LOT better, and digitized sound works correctly). Fix Dick tracy, Antiriad, Crazy cars 2, and probably a lot more !
- [PSG] : Also run the ‘acid test’ of PSG correctly.
- [Z80] : Support for NMI added


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7 réponses à Sugarbox v0.27

  1. Carnivius dit :

    This is an excellent emulator and works great on my PC and accepts my wireless controller (my Dual Shock 4) without issue or without needing me to really set it up. This may be my new choice of program for CPC emulation. :)

  2. admin dit :

    Thanks for your comments !

  3. Carnivius dit :

    Hello. Me again.
    I loaded up Dizzy – Prince of the Yolk Folk and while the game plays ok, the sound isn’t correct. The music seems to be missing it’s drumbeat. The same dsk file worked fine in Winape with the music intact. Just thought I should let you know if you don’t already. :)

  4. Ced dit :

    Hi, easy to use, functional , great work !

    i have one little bug on windows 10 : press F9 for full screen, then press again F9 to go back to window mode and the menu bar disappear.

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