Sugarbox v0.22


Main fix is on the CAPSImg.dll use : I found a way to use it without making it hang. This fix lots of CT Raw files that previously used to crash Sugarbox.

Also, be sure to use the 32 bits version of the DLL !

What’s new :

  • [FDC] : Fixed a wrong behaviour on a read sector command : When an overflow occurs, do not stop the command until the end of the sector. (This correct some version of « Famous Five » game)
  • [FDC] : Disk rotation is simulated, with a slight variation depending on the time and the current track. Also, more realistic acceleration of the disk is done (« Basun » now run without any trick)
  • [FDC - HFE] : Add support for HFE files
  • [FDC - Dsk]   : Add various fix to make it more reliable
  • [FDC - CT RAW] : When reconnecting last revolution to first, support track that does not contains IAM : Length computation is done using first IDAM
  •  [FDC - CT RAW] : Handle correctly CAPSImg.dll error, so no more memory corruption occurs on incorrect dumps
  •  [FDC - CAPSImg.dll] : Use a workaround to avoid crash of the lib that can occurs when image with weak sectors are read.
  •  [CRTC0] : Fixed an incorrect behaviour on VSync duration from R3 (Correct Druid 2 )
  •  [PSG] : Fixed a bug that can corrupt memory when a register grater than 15 is written
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2 réponses à Sugarbox v0.22

  1. SgX dit :

    Is the screenshot at the top of this blog has a special meaning?
    I ask that because it’s butt ugly.

    • admin dit :

      Well, two reasons for this screenshot :
      1/ It was one of the first game I played on the CPC, a loong time ago
      2/ I really suck at designing a web site (and use my time on more productive things).

      So, please send my apologies to your eyes for it :)

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