Sugarbox v0.21

A quick 0.21 version to correct few things about CAPS library : I made a mistake and incorrectly include it without the proper licence files. So, the 0.19 and 0.20 version will be removed.

So, as it is intended to be used, I just change the way it worked now : If a CAPSImg.dll can be loaded when inserting a CT Raw or a IPS file, it will be used (otherwise, the disk will not load).

Visit the Software Preservation Society for more details.

Other than this, here is what’s new :

  • [CRTC0] :Add support for CRTC 0 : Few demos may not worked, but lot’s of them do (including the impressive « Shadow of the beast » preview from Overflow)
  • [CRTC1] : Fixed a little error in the CRTC, preventing « Chany dream 2″ from running properly.
  • [CRTC] : Fixed a case where HSync falling edge is not detected ( Chany dreamend part 8 is now displayed correctly)

  • [Display] : Fixed an incorrect behaviour of Screenshot function, that used to take incomplete screenshots

  • [Display] : Adjust a bit position of the screen
  • [SNA] : Fixed some bugs with snapshots that have VBL bit = 1 in the PPI.

  • [SNA] : Fixed Vertical Adjust improper in snapshots

  • [FDC] : Fixed a rare case where, in a Kryoflux RAW file, the index is missing from the stream (which caused a crash to occur)

Here it is : Sugarbox_v0.21


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