Sugarbox v0.19

NOTE : For copyright reasons, this version is no longer available….

What’s new on this release (mainly focused on the FDC) :

- FDC rewritten from scratch. It support now bitstream format, such as Kryoflux RAW or Supercard Pro. Paradigm is also improved to support MFM format (dsk files are re-converted into MFM format). This will offer a true support for complex disk and protection format. For example, overlap protection (« Reussir ») is passed with scp or kryoflux disks.
- EDSK handling also rewritten from scratch. It add a new interpolation, to rebuild the original MFM track. Overlap and iterlaced sector are handled.
- IPF and CT-RAW files supported through the CAPSLib 5.1 (included )
- Current disk can be saved as SuperCard Pro file
- LED colors can be configured through config file
- Insert blank disk DATA / VENDOR added
- Scanlines are enabled if ‘=1′ in the Sugarbox.ini (more logical !)
- B drive support
- Current sector display added
- « About » updated (at last !)
- F3 = toggle 100% / MAX
- Fix a little bug in sound bar, that prevent putting it near 0
- Now working (this is not a complete list !) :

  •   »The demo » music loader
  •  Unique Megademo
  •   »Reussir »… disks (as EDSK with overlapped sector, or SCP, or Kryoflux…)


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Work in progress


No release planned, as I am working hard on a complete rewritten disk module. It will support MFM bit flux like Kryoflux or Supercard Pro format, and will convert DSK/EDSK to this MFM flux. With this, every protected games should work correctly (if the dump is correct).

As today, weird protection involving size 6 sector are correct (« Reussir  » educational suite), but the whole thing need more testing and cleaning. Also, DSK and EDSK support have to be reintroduced.

Some more news soon…

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Sugarbox v0.18


Sugarbox v0.18  is out now….

Not a really long log this time, as I mainly focus on removing inappropriate behaviours from the CRTC 1, which seems to run almost everything, as far as I tested (even if I think it’s not really perfect).

Here is the log :

- CRTC 1 : Rewrite almost all code. Now run correctly most of the demo (send me a link to incorrect ones !)
- CRTC 1 : HSync overflow fix
- Gate Array : Add a fix the change the way the colors are displayed by gate array. Seems to fix incorrect display in some demos
- General : Snaphshot files (SNA) can be loaded/Saved. Quickload/save have also been added.
- General fix : Screenshot are not taken twice, and are real PNG files (no JPEG)
- General fix : Settings and pathes are no longer bugged
- General fix : Sound driver no longer crash (sometime) when the application ends

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Sugarbox v0.17b

Sugarbox v0.17beta is available ! It should run on every windows system, from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 (with or without direct X : The missing XInput library issue has been solved).

Here is what’s new :

- Gate array : MMR Corrected : If a 128k config is set, only 128k are available.
- Gate array : Corrected access to MMR and MMR through PAL
- Gate array : Mode 3 is handled
- Monitor : Change the function used for adjustement on HSync : Use a square root instead of a log, to make some demos more stable (« Camembert 4″ demo for example)
- Timings : Adjust some timings for out command. « From scratch » demo now display correct colours at the correct place
- FDC : Reset is (really) fixed. It no longer set the FDC in a state that prevent it to be used
- FDC : Add delay during track change
- General : Load the Xinput lib in the code, to avoir non runing app on some XP systems.
- General : Screenshot option added
- General : Speed limit is more configurable, from 50% to no-limit
- General : Some code optimisations
- General : Screen size can change (from « full PAL display » to « standard CPC screen »)
- General : Directories problems have been solved. It is now possible to drag’n'drop dsk file to a sugarbox shortcut (or to associate dsk with sugarbox)
- Sound : Volume slider added
- Sound : Mute option added
- Sound : Record is flushed, so the file is not only written at the end of the recording
- GUI : Current track number is displayed
- GUI : Add a « scanline » option
- GUI : Add nice icon for sound and disks
- GUI : Added Screenshot, settings and reset icons
- Startup : Associating « dsk » with sugarbox offer the possibilitty to load disk directly

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Sugarbox v0.16b

Hello there,

New version is available here : Sugarbox V0.16b

This is a version mainly focused on bugfix. It has beend tested on Windows XP SP3 (with direct X installed), Windows 7, Windows 8.

Madness demo run flawlessly !


Here’s the complete log.

  • CRTC : Fix a bug in HSync handling, when R3 change during hsync. Madness now runs without shaking effect
  • CRTC : Fix a bug in HSYNC /VSync : Madness demo now works
  • Monitor : add a fix that prevent « Dreamend » demo to have unexpected « bend » effects
  • General : XInput is used for xbox controller. Direct X is required. Sugarbox works on Windows XP
  • FDC : CRC are correclty computed now
  • FDC : Reset is fixed. FDC should not be in wrong state if reset occur during data transfer
  • FDC : « Le necromancien » from cpc power : Offset-info with a difference of 1 are ignored
  • FDC : Qin (v2) : Corrected a bug in the sector and track analysis when reconstructing MFM datas

As usual, I’ll appreciate any bug report (with a short description & faulty .dsk file !)

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Sugarbox 0.15 is out.

A new version is available : Sugarbox v0.15

It’s mainly focused on the CRTC1 and monitor emulation (with some correction on Z80 core)

Here’s what’s new :

- CRTC detection tests are correctly passed (For CRTC 1 at least)
- Z80 : Lots of improvement in Interrupt and general timings
- Z80 : OUT write it’s value with delay to the port (this make some demo works..)
- Z80 : When an interrupt is pending, EI / HALT works correctly (this make « L’arche du capitaine blood » original dump to work correctly)
- CRTC : Fix the adress computation : Only correct bits are compared. This correct the « The demo » demo.
- CRTC1 : Fix adjustement computation, when R5 > R9 (adjustement counter was only increased when VCC=R4)
- Gate Array : Corrected a bug in the MMR, that prevented Phortem demo to run
- Gate Array : IO handled at 4mhz to have precise timings for color changed
- Ink changed should be pixel correct
- PPI8255 : CPC+ Feature of non-reset of Port ABC when writing control register implemented. This allow CRTC detection to be complete
- PPI8255 : Corrected a bug in PPI Control register, when bit7=0 (Shadow of the beast hanging bug in « press fire » screen is corrected)
- PPI8255 : Port B only readable.
- FDC : Read Track correction, LATIS (Hercule2 – Translock) now ok
- FDC : Detection of end disk improved, even when GAP3 is wrong
- FDC : Disk with only MV – CPC now loads correctly
- Monitor : Correction of a bug that prevented a detection of HBL in some case of the PLL ->Arkanoid I no longer crash the emulator
- Monitor : Rewrite the honrizontal synchronization mechanism.
- Monitor : Correction of HSync. CRTC R0=64 can be used now without hsync problems (The demo work better)
- Monitor : Improved handling of Hsync position via R2
- Monitor : Correct the garbage that occasionnaly appear on reset
- Monitor : Add handling of multiple HSync with correct synchronisation
- Reset is now fully implemented
- Settings : CRTC type is changed correctly
- Settings : Change does no longer reboot the CPC


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Version 0.14b

Short double-version is available.

Remember it’s still in early beta, lots of bugs may be presents (and feature may be unfinished of not working)

What’s new :

  • CRTC : Some more fix for the Type 0. Zoom scroll of « Still rising » is a bit better
  • CRTC & Monitor : Emulation is also better, with more precise HSync syncronisation (hard scroll with Register 3 works (typic value 5-6))
  • FDC : Read track with inexistant sector works better


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Version 0.12B is up


What’s new :

  • Memory : Fix a bug in memory expansion
  • CRTC : Fix R7/R6 counter trigger, check every tick instead of every scanlines : This make « Mission Genocide » working correctly
  • CRTC : Fix IN problem not working with CRTC : « Still rising » demo now start correctly
  • CRTC : Fix Memory address when R4=0 not properly recomputed each line
  • CRTC : Fix some problems with internal counters. Boules & bits Demo now working properly
  • Z80 : Fix flag issue from non-documented feature of OUT/IN en related
  • Gate Array : Add a « non displayable » screen portion. displaying proper 768*576 pixels, which fix incorrect display of « Tribute to the sisters »
  • Gate Array : Add proper ghost register
  • Settings : No more flickering white box when entering settings
  • Settings : ROM combobox have scrollbars
  • Main screen : LED drive no longer flicker
  • FDC : Fix the Write Sector function of the FDC that can cause crashes
  •  Corrected system key not able to be used (Left ALT)
  • primary correction of real display area (computed to have a size of 14 us not showable)
  • XBox controller can be used as joystick


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Sugarbox 0.10b is available !

This version is still a beta version.

Feel free to use and test it. You can send bug reports (or other comments ) to

Download can be made from download page (


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Beta 0.10 available soon

The first beta is almost available.


What’s on it :

  • Rather complete (except bugs ! ) CRTC and Gate array emulation
  • Sound is correct, and can be recorded
  • Fast run option : Run anything as fast as it can, while recording correct sound.
  • FDC is precise and is able to run protected software (Le Necromancien, EXIT, Opera softs, etc).
  • From 64 to 512Ko of memory available

What needs to be done :

  • Some bug correction (espacially for Futur OS use)
  • Tape usage
  • CPC+
  • External devices
  • A more sexy interface

Known bugs (06/11/2013) :

  • « A tribute to the sister » is not working.


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